2019 Edition

The Handbook is compiled from information supplied by the Executive Committee and Region Secretaries. We also have a small band of dedicated people who help us with the content. Each year we decide on a theme so we can focus our editorial.

2018 was a simple theme: How does being a member of the NSW ACT 4WD Association benefit the members. You have that book and you can see just what benefits there are. The association has come such a long way in the last 6 years. Great achievements have been made because of the hard work put in by it's members.

2019 is a bit for specific: Spot light on the Central West Region of the Association. The are so many beautiful and unique places within each region that are only known to the local clubs. So we are putting together the local knowledge so you can visit these places from outside the region. The Lithgow project is something the Association has worked on very hard over the last few years. It is so important that Association applied for and was successful in obtaining a grant from the NSW Government. But what is the "Lithgow Project" ? Where is Mt Airly? What about the Garden of Stones and The Grotto ? - all good questions. You will be able to find out more in the 2019 edition. 

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