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Hey there, I have just finished reading the 2019 4WD Adventure Handbook that I was given after the meeting last night.

The 2018 version was good and 2019 is even better!

Well done to everyone that contributed to the booklet and especially to Maggie for the enormous amount of work to get it together and out to us.

All of the reports were informative and I really liked the info on the logo and the RACs and MAC and the details about the Central West Region trip locations.

Thanks very much for this and everything else.

Cheers David

Hello Clever People, I have finished reading the 2nd edition of the Handbook and Calendar. The first one was really good but this one is even more informative.

I like the Focus on the Central West Region. I live up North and make the trip to Lithgow a few times a year. Your book gave me information on new places to visit and lots of information so I could research it myself. 

Would love to see next years focus be on the Monaro Region. I would like to visit there a bit more too.

Thanks for THE BOX, we love to get a surprise each year.  It's great at the Christmas party. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, Don